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Consequences Of Spinal Cord Injuries

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Dealing With Disability Caused By A Spinal Cord Injury

Getting hurt in an accident may be extremely inconvenient since it might disrupt your life in a variety of ways, ranging from your career to your relationships, and all areas of your personal and professional lives. When permanent damage is done as a result of an accident injury, many conditions can take this even further by limiting the affected person’s capability to live a normal life. Injuries are frequent in the most serious of accidents and injuries that primarily affect sensitive areas of the body. The spine and spinal cord are among the most frequently injured in this way, resulting in significant damage that may lead to lifelong disability.

Spinal Cord Injuries


The vertebrae of the human spine, which flex and twist to enable humans to walk upright, make up the segments of bone known as vertebrae. Aside from their structural function, our spines have a unique function in our nervous systems. The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that the vertebrae encase and which runs down the length of the spine to deliver information to and from the brain to other organs. The spinal cord, like all nerves, is highly sensitive and susceptible to harm. The vertebrae that surround the spinal cord protect it from most damage by absorbing the force of the impact. However, in more severe accidents that cause significant trauma, even this is not enough to keep harm to the spinal cord at bay.

Spinal cord injuries that people develop as a result of accidents are generally characterized by significant trauma to the back, which either destroys the spinal cord or damages vertebrae or surrounding tissue in such a way as to compromise it. For example, a bad fall might result in a person landing on their back and fracturing one of their vertebrae, putting pressure on the spinal cord and damaging it. Slivers of bone from fractured vertebrae cutting into a spinal cord, slipped disc pressing against the spinal cord, or a build-up of fluid near the spine may all cause damage.

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What Happens If You Damage The Spinal Cord?

There are a number of common causes for spinal cord damage and each may have a wide range of consequences, some of which change based on the nature, position, and severity of the damage as well as the injured person’s risk of complication. Even with all of these factors, spinal cord damage is always serious and can almost always develop into a lot worse if immediate medical care isn’t sought right away. This is why, after suffering trauma to your back in an accident, you should visit a physician immediately.

Spinal cord damage can have an influence on the functions of the nervous system, such as sensation information transmission to and from the brain and organ control. In most situations, this is characterized by problems with limb control, the inability to perceive physical feelings, and loss of bodily functions.

Spinal Cord Damage Permanence


Naturally, all of this is extremely traumatic, but what makes it worse is the fact that spinal cord injuries are typically persistent. The spinal cord is a delicate organ with properties similar to those of the brain in that there is still no method to manually mend its tissue owing to its intricacy. There are no cures for spinal cord damage, and treatment choices are restricted despite progress. Those who have suffered spinal cord injury face the prospect of possibly experiencing severe disability with little to no prospect of improvement, which can be emotionally devastating.

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Disability Caused by Spinal Cord Damage


Acute spinal cord injuries frequently result in problems with sensation. Loss of feeling in the extremities, tingling sensations, or strange chilly water across the fingertips or feet is two of the most typical symptoms. Sensation loss can affect entire limbs and occurs frequently before the onset of more serious problems. Loss of feeling in specific parts of the body may, in certain instances, occur much more rapidly, resulting in such issues as lack of control and damage to nerves. A loss of strength in the limbs, as well as difficulties controlling them, is a typical symptom of spinal cord damage.

Spinal Cord Injury Paralysis


Paralysis is one of the most devastating consequences of a spinal cord injury. This is an unfortunately common consequence of damage to the spinal cord, and in most cases it is irreversible. Paralysis may affect single limbs or entire sections of the body, such as the waist down.

Spinal Cord Injury Loss Of Organ Control


The loss of control over vital organs is one of the most severe impairments that someone with a spinal cord injury can have, in addition to paralysis. Individuals who have suffered these kinds of injuries can develop incontinence as a result of damaged abdominal organs that are no longer under their control. In the worst-case situation, critical organs such as the heart or lungs might be affected by spinal cord injury-induced problems.

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Spinal Cord Injury Disabilities And Damages


Spinal cord injuries can have a significant impact on someone’s quality of life as well as their financial stability. When spinal cord injuries are involved, economic losses are frequently large, especially when these impairments result in permanent disability. When one considers the continuing expenses of medicines, medical devices, and checkups necessary to manage symptoms linked with these impairments, medical expenditures appear almost limitless and can seem overwhelming. They may also jeopardize someone’s career and future earnings potential. The non-economic losses, which might result in severe emotional and mental anguish resulting from a SCI are just as significant.

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